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Canon 5D Mark IV Release – Good for planespotting?

Just this week on Thursday the 25th of August, Canon publicly released the long-anticipated 5D Mark IV full frame DSLR body, the successor to the popular 5D Mark III. The 5D line has always been popular amongst wedding photographers, product photographers, fashion photographers and photography enthusiasts, but not so much amongst planespotters. Instead, the Canon 7D series has long been the camera of choice for aviation photographers, mainly because of its superior speed and AF tracking system. But as the 5D Mark IV is bringing along some features that will give it some of the speed of the 7D, perhaps it could be the new camera of choice for aviation photography.

5 tips for photo acceptance

Most beginning plane spotters and aviation photographers struggle to get their first photo accepted on to online aviation photography databases such as or This is no surprise at all as these websites are very strict when it comes to image quality and reject the majority of images that pass through the screening and selection process. Therefore you shouldn’t feel discouraged when your first couple of uploads are rejected. It took me nearly a dozen attempts before I was able to get my first photo accepted on the With some persistence and practice, eventually the right photo will come along. Here are my five tips to help you improve your aviation photography and increase your photo acceptance rate.

Train-spotting? What is that?

So apparently in the same way that we have plane-spotting, train-spotting also exists. I guess the concept is essentially the same; you have different manufacturers, models, operators, and registrations, although apparently train registrations are called reporting marks and aren’t exactly the same as aircraft registrations. I mean it’s interesting that train-spotting exists, but not so surprising. If we’re so obsessed with planes, why can’t others feel the same about trains? On that note, I wonder if boat-spotting exists. I’ll save that for another post.

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