In September of 2014, China Eastern Airlines announced their new livery just weeks prior to the delivery of their first Boeing 77W (777-300ER), which was painted in the update livery. It was a much-needed update, as the old livery was living far beyond its expiration date. As can be seen  in the picture below, it featured a classic blue and red circular logo on the tail with what appears to be a white crane over top. Running down the fuselage is a blue, red, and gold cheat-line that opens up near the front. The words “China Eastern” and its equivalent in Chinese are printed above the passenger windows in a very bland and inauthentic typeface. To finish it off, there’s a tiny black spot on the nose (used to protect the radar dome) and a black area in the shape of a crescent in front of the main cockpit windows. These features, especially the cheat-line and tail desgin, were very common among aircraft in the 80’s, but are quite rarely seen nowadays, which is why the livery appears somewhat outdated.