As you may know, Cathay Pacific’s regional subsidiary Dragonair will be re-branded as Cathay Dragon to strengthen the corporate identity of Cathay and improve brand recognition. Together with the announcement of the re-branding, Dragonair also revealed its future livery under the name Cathay Dragon.

Cathay Dragon’s new livery. Photo from Cathay Pacific.

When I first heard the news about the re-branding a few days ago, I felt sad that the Dragonair brand I’ve always known would be gone, but excited to see the changes that would be brought forth, especially the new livery. But when I actually saw the new livery, all of my excitement died. I hate to say this but Cathay just absolutely butchered Dragonair’s identity and livery. While I wouldn’t say I particularly enjoyed the Dragonair livery (as I was actually hoping for a livery change long before news of the re-branding came out), at least it had some character until Cathay came and killed it. The livery looks like a rush-job that was simply a copy-and-paste of the new Cathay Pacific livery while replacing the green tail with a red one, the brush stroke on the front with a red dragon, and the words “Cathay Pacific” with “Cathay Dragon” and its new equivalent in Chinese. To summarize it as best as I can, the livery looks like what would happen if you tried making a spin-off of Turkish Airlines while putting as much effort into it as China Eastern did with their new livery. It’s an absolute disgrace, and I doubt Cathay even hired a professional to design the new livery, as it looks like something I could’ve done in an hour with Adobe Photoshop. Absolutely disgraceful. I’m just hoping that Cathay will come to their senses and realize that this lazy and uninspiring livery is only hurting their image, and implements a better-looking one.