Earlier today (January 27 2016) at around noon, a China Eastern Airbus A319-115 (registration B-6466) at clipped the winglet of a parked aircraft with its own while taxiing to its gate after completing flight MU2153 from Xi’an. The accident occured at Shanghai Honqiao Airport (SHA, ZSSS), one China Eastern’s two hubs. The parked aircraft that was hit also belonged to China Eastern, and was an Airbus A320-232 (registration B-9975). The A320 was scheduled to depart for Xi’an as MU2154 when the collision occured. No casualties were reported, and the passengers of the A319 were able to deplane shortly after the incident. The current status of the A320 operating MU2154 is still unknown.

Collision seen from boarding area. Image from SCMP.

Close-up of damage to both aircraft. Image from SCMP.

Both aircraft received minor damage to their wingtips, however it seems as the A319 received more damage. Both aircraft are very young. The A320 (B-9975) has an age of just over 2 years and is powered by two IAE V2527-A5 engines, while the A319 (B-6466) is just over one year old (hence the new livery) and has two CFMI CFM56-5B7/P engines. The cause of the crash is unknown, but it’s likely the result of pilot error.

More info from SCMP: http://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/1905887/china-eastern-airline-planes-meet-minor-collision-shanghai