I must admit. Aviation photography does seem like a pretty daunting hobby for anyone who’s looking the get into it. There are massive planes flying above you and a bunch of serious-looking dudes with fancy cameras probably twice the size of yours. And in the midst of all this one must do the best he or she can to not look like an idiot. It’s no surprise that many newcomers feel intimidated, as I did quite when I first ventured into the world of aviation photography and was running around with a tiny Canon Rebel SL1 entry-level DSLR and the crap 18-55mm kit lens (more on that later) firing away with the shutter button. But really, there is nothing to be scared of. What’s so lovely about the aviation community is that nobody gives a damn how big and heavy your camera is or how your photos turn out to be. Remember that in the end we’re here because we share a common interest in aviation, and that’s really all that matters.