I was flying back into HKG from SYX two days ago after a week’s vacation, Unsurprisingly, the flight (KA651, operated by A320 B-HSD) was delayed due to a late arrival of the aircraft that was the result of delays earlier in the day while the aircraft was flying other routes in the KA network. The delay itself wasn’t so bad; the frustrating part was that we weren’t given an estimate as to when the inbound flight (KA650) would arrive (as obviously it hasn’t otherwise there wouldn’t be a delay) or roughly when we can expect to board. I’m not sure if this is because KA ground staff at SYX didn’t know anything themselves or weren’t willing to tell us, however I was a step ahead of everyone else thanks to FlightRadar24. I was able to see at what time the inbound flight departed, where it was, and when it would arrive at SYX. It’s an awful feeling to be stuck at an airport with no idea how severe a delay is, so next time you’re in that situation, remember that FlightRadar is always your friend.